Mossad Messiah in Florence and Rome

Ho parlato a due congregazioni in Italia durante l'inverno, Shir Hadash Firenze e Beth Hillel Roma. This winter it was my privilege to explain the sources of Black Hat power in Israel, and important to do so because Israel's Chief Rabbis have stiffened the necks of the Orthodox Italian rabbinate and made life difficult for Italian Jews. A perfect example? Artichokes have been banned by the Italian rabbis as unkosher, which is tantamount to declaring bagels treif in New York. Actually worse have been the discriminatory practices which changed the Italian rabbinate from Orthodoxy's most liberal to an Israel-style establishment. The talks were well-accepted and provided much needed information. With the addition of FIEP, the Italian federation of Reform synagogues, the four Reform congregations in Italy are preparing to demand their rights in the larger Jewish community.

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