"Israel's Ultra-Orthodox and Us: What American and Canadian Jews Need to Know" hits ho

When an author visits, the audience wants more than a book reading. They want new insights and some understanding of the background behind the author's work. The Mossad Messiah responds to Israel's growing ultra-Orthodox groups and the fact that 89% want Israel governed completely by Jewish law according to a recent respected poll.

To give the background to which The Mossad Messiah responds with humor, action, and ideas for change, I've put together a strong PowerPoint presentation called "Israel's Ultra-Orthodox and Us: What American and Canadian Jews Need to Know." It explains the origins, leaders, principles, and hopes of Israel's ultra-Orthodox and why my heart moved me to write this novel.

The talk has surprised its audiences, and in both Seattle at Temple De Hirsch Sinai and at Concordia University's Azrieli Institute for Israel Studies, a receptive, large crowd was stunned to learn the depth of the special privileges that Israel granted the Haredim and Hasidim, and they, too, began to sense the imperatives that lie before the Jewish State to maintain its democratic framework.

With that background in mind, I always offer routes to effect change, and also set the scene for the novel's unfolding. Like a John Grisham novel, it's an adventure and an education on social justice awareness. The novel's concluding chapters are surprising, but so also are the possible solutions to the social issues raised by choices made at the beginning of Israel's statehood.

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