Moving visit to Burlington, VT

After 36 years of devoted service, which included leading the construction of a home for Temple Sinai, Rabbi James Glazier celebrated his coming retirement with the congregation on Dec. 8. The emotional, loving, and caring recollections shared by the congregation, as well as Rabbi Glazier's very personal and touching response, made the evening entirely memorable.

Before the gathering on Erev Shabbat of Dec. 8, I was invited to speak on "Israel's Ultra-Orthodox and Us: What American Jews Need to Know." A number of congregants had lived in Israel and were aware of the need for Israeli society to ameliorate laws and policies which work to the general detriment of the country, but a good number of congregants were awakened for the first time to the historic and difficult-to-change reasons why the ultra-Orthodox enjoy benefits that others do not. Our discussion continued at dinner, with a sense that American Jews can be instrumental in helping to bring change through our agencies in the States and the recipients of their largess in Israel.

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